asakusa shopping nakamise and enjoy around sensoji temple area

Asakusa area which prospered as the busy shopping area from the Edo period
At present, too, in Tokyo where the atmosphere of the downtown can be noticed, as the special area, it is a very popular tourist resort to the Japanese or the customer from the foreign country.

Asakusa which is located in the eastern part in Taito Ward which was put in Bunkyo Ward and Sumida Ward and can touch various historic landmarks and cultures
The highlight which, too, is a home at Tokyo SKYTREE which is a face in new Tokyo is being fully loaded.

Asakusa which is a famous tourist resort worldwide is dotted with various tourist attractions.
Because the access from Haneda Airport and Tokyo station, too, is good about Asakusa, a lot of foreigner excursionists, too, come.

Kaminarimon and Senso-ji of the red paper lantern which is big if saying a land mark in such Asakusa
I enjoy a purchase at the shopping district such as Nakamise, it travels around tourist attraction by taking a jinricksha and it is possible to enjoy a cherry tree in the spring and a firework in the summer, too.

If enjoying a hippodrome on the Asakusa entertainment hall, let’s attempt to pay out just as it is to Asakusa sightseeing, too.


Senso-ji temple


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If saying Asakusa, it is the land mark that there are many persons who imagine this Kaminarimon
With the temple gate in Senso-ji, it says an official name to be a wind god of the thunder gate.
Conveniently for the waiting, too, both the start spot of Asakusa sightseeing is a healing spot.

Senso-ji in tourist attraction which represents Asakusa was prosperous as Tokugawa government’s gurdwara.
Anything and 30 million excursionists, too, come every year.

The highlights will be ” Kaminarimon ” who may say the entrance in Senso-ji to know person to know after all.It passes through famous ” Kaminarimon ” and it calls to the walking nave in the end of the approach to Shrine.

As for Senso-ji, the various divine favor such as the history, the love – the study – the health will be gotten with ” prayers’ being accomplished “.

After all, Senso-ji is basics in Asakusa sightseeing’s being basic.
Senso-ji which general Tokugawa Iemitsu of 3 generations reared every ( 1649 ) years of 2 pieces of Keian
The present nave was reconstructed by 33 pieces of 1958 Shouwa.
The pompon principal image which was made by the Merciful Goddess and Jikaku Daishi of the principal image and so on are enshrined in the sanctuary.
Let’s pull the omikuji of ” and the reputation which ” tries, going to the charm place if going and worshiping in the Kannon style, charging with the daily appreciating.
If having drawn ” misfortune ” by chance, link omikuji with the place of the specification and let’s call again to the Kannon style.



Nakamise street


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Nakamise in Senso-ji which prospered from the Edo period The near 90 shop store stands in a row to the about 250 meter distance.
The beautiful scenery of the stone pavement and the unification illumination signboard is a very highly commended to the customer from the foreign countries, too.

Nakamise is one of the oldest shopping districts in Japan.The population in Edo increased after Tokugawa Ieyasu opened Shogunate Government of Edo and the privilege of the branch sales was given to the resident Senso-ji nearly to Shrine.

This is the beginning in Nakamise. being built and chic Edo small articles of the specialty snack, the Japanese folding fan, the hair ornament, Edo small toy at the downtowns such as the thunderbolt causing and the Ningyouyaki cake and so on are overflowed on the street.

It will be delightful in only parading Nakamise while listening to the voice with the good authority which it is possible to hear from here and there at the shop, too.

Tokyo Skytree



Tokyo SKYTREE which became one of already popular tourist attractions
When visiting Tokyo, it is one of tourist attractions to want to do beforehand by all means.

With the independent formula steel tower that the height is 634 m, it isn’t exaggerated even if it says scenery from the observatory to be the superb view which is the best of Japan.

Mainly in Tokyo SKYTREE, in the circumference area, shopping facilities and the facilities which are related to the amusement are enriched.

There is an observatory at 350 meters of the ground and in 450 meters and the superb view in noon to want a horizon, at night, it is possible to enjoy a superb view together with the night view of Tokyo which spreads under the eyes.

When crowded, to buy the ticket to go up to the observatory, the order ticket had better take the ticket because it is necessary and the one not to have more had better take leeway to the time.

By the way, it is possible to go by train from Asakusa station to Tokyo SKYTREE, too, and it is possible to go as much as 15 minutes even if it walks.Also, the circulation bus, the SKYTREE shuttle, too, is convenient.

It becomes popular as the compound cultural facilities in addition to the observatory which can get a bird’s-eye view of Tokyo which juxtaposed an aquarium, a planetarium, the large-scale shopping center and so on, too.

It is not the facilities which are in Asakusa but SKYTREE can be beautifully photographed from Asakusa.

Tokyo Soramachi


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Also, I want to enjoy all together commercial establishment ” Tokyo ソラマチ ” which is in the Tokyo SKYTREE town.

The number of the shops and the restaurants is what and equal to or more than 300! A restaurant at the long-established store and a fashionable fashion store in addition to the souvenir which seems to be Tokyo and so on are enriched.Popular being as the good gourmet spot, too


Hana Yashiki


Being Asakusa flower which is in Asakusa and coming are the retro amusement park which opens in 1853 and has about 160 year history.
It is a flower and it is said that it comes because the botanical garden which opened button Garden was a forerunner at the amusement park originally about the origin of the name, the putting-on.
Also, that the soubrettes in the Edo period, the inner palace made the place of the rest is famous.

Then, it tells that the playground equipment included one piece of Blanco.
After that, the various business type was taken but became the form of the amusement park like the present as the amusement establishment which represents entering Metropolitan area after the war.

At present, it is fond of alot of attractions, and the fair plaza, the eaing and drinking store as the amusement park in Asakusa which lines up in the squeeze.

n the Edo period, Blanco is said to have been the only playground equipment.
Being the flower of the retro and almost mysterious view of the world and coming are the amusement park which the adult can enjoy sufficiently.

The oldest existence roller-coaster is the recommendation attraction to want to ride by all means beforehand!

The Asakusa entertainment hall


” The Asakusa entertainment hall ” which is known as the sight to see in Asakusa, too
It knows a name but are there many, too, persons not to have been actually there?

How will the hippodrome first experience be with the couple? Performance is separately done by ” the matinee ” and ” the evening performance ” and there is a program at the entrance.There is performance until around 9 o’clock at night.

” The Asakusa entertainment hall ” which was born in 1964 is the entertainment hall where it is possible to enjoy various performance such as the rakugo and the comic act, the magic and the conto of what and the 365th anytime.

In the evening performance, there is said to be a lot of persons who enjoy a rakugo, having liquor in one hand, too.

Because the seat is very near from the stage, it is very charming for performance with power before the very eyes to be seen.

Then, because the Rakugo storytellers of the rakugo do an each time different trick,  they will enjoy even if it sees in many degrees.

When visiting Asakusa, let’s enjoy a leg by the progress to the first time ” the Asakusa entertainment hall “.

Imado shurine



The Imado shrine which is known as the god of the marriage
It is called another name ” the manekineko shrine “, too, and including the manekineko at the main shrine, at the precincts, the pretty manekineko is much.

It is the shrine where there is divine favor which is intolerable for the cat lover, too.

It is ” the Imado shrine ” if saying a famous marriage shrine in Asakusa.

Izanaginomikoto however, many persons charge with the wish of the marriage with Izanaginomikoto who is the God of husband and wife because it is deified and come to the worship with him.

Also, it is told that it does the shrine which causes a good match as the place where ” the manekineko ” was made first in the Edo period, too.The manekineko which is in the main shrineCause a good match with the long arm.For two edges to continue, we will pray.

The votive picture tablet at the Imado shrine has a circular form from the meaning of ” it doesn’t give offense ” ” perfect “.

Not the picture of horse but the manekineko are drawn but it, too, will be good to attempt to write in the memory of the worship.

Then, because it says that the wish is suitable for the stone statue, ” the stone stroking cat “, when it is portable after patting, takes a picture, making a wait screen and praying every day, when visiting an Imado shrine, it will return, taking a picture by all means.

Sumida Park


It is Riverside Park which was opened based on the Tokyo revival plan after Great Kanto Earthquake.

Between Sumidagawa’s Azuma bridge – Sakurabashi, it is a sight to see at the cherry tree from the Edo period and a Sumita park cherry tree festival is done by the first ten days in April from the last ten days in March.

the Edo downtown tradition craft building


Asakusa is the city of the eminent manufacturing in Tokyo and there are many ateliers of the still traditional craftworks in it.

It is at ” the Edo downtown tradition craft building ” that it displays such a traditional craftwork, gathering it.

Edo cabinetwork which utilized the original grain which the tree has, and the copper
craftworks which beat sheet copper and then will the highlights are not the technology of the essential small decorations at the portable shrine after all?

Because the manufacturing can be seen every week on the weekend, attempt to buy by all means if there is one to want.

The Jinrikisha


The motorcycle where the person runs by pulling ” the jinricksha ” which is called the regular of Asakusa sightseeing, tooIt is possible to get on to two per set.

The point which the rickshaw man who knows Asakusa well notifies a sight to see in the happy hunting ground of more delightfully from famous tourist attraction has the attractiveness of the jinricksha.

In the company of the existing jinricksha, ” the time shop ” where there is excellent reputation specifically is providing Asakusa many wide rate charges to the course ( 32,500 yen per person ) for 3 hour by which it is possible to enjoy Asakusa slowly and carefully from the course in 30 7,000 yen minutes per person.

Taking a jinricksha, I come to understand geography in rough Asakusa when attempting to make a tour of Asakusa turning around.

Because there are various courses such as the reserving in 30 minutes, the reservation in 60 minutes from section 走, it should attempt to do a choice according to the time and the fee, should not it?
The time has passed in no time when hearing the funny guide of the rickshaw men.


The generalization

How will it have been?
It is introducing mainly regular tourist attractive place in Asakusa.
Because it is a popular spot as the place which the people of the foreigner who visits Japan visit, it is very interested.
Attempt to search because there are local life and so on or a lot of places in addition to the culture and the history of Japan which can be felt and so on.


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